Storing an Extensive Doll Collection

Storing an Extensive Doll Collection

Quick Tips For Simplifying The Stress During A Move As A Senior Citizen

by David Johnston

While many senior citizens get the opportunity to "age in place" by staying in their homes for the long term, it is not uncommon for seniors to have to move. Whether you are downsizing and moving to a retirement community or moving in with a loved one, the move itself can be especially challenging at an older age. However, your move does not have to be a daunting transition that is taxing on your physical or emotional well-being. Take a look at a few tips to keep in mind to simplify the process during your move. 

Get in touch with a local moving company early 

As soon as you know you will need to move, go ahead and contact professional movers to help. There are several reasons you should contact the company early, including: 

  • You can usually get an upfront cost estimate so you know how to budget 
  • You will be able to pick a moving date that works with your schedule 
  • You may get access to helpful services like moving supplies or storage

Consider renting a local self-storage unit 

Renting a storage unit can take a bit of stress out of a move in certain scenarios as a senior. For example, if you are downsizing or moving in with someone else, you may need a bit of extra space to keep your belongings until you have more time to go through them. This can be especially beneficial if you are working with a short timeframe and don't have a lot of time for sorting everything you own. 

Lighten your load by decluttering in advance 

Decluttering before the move will mean you have less to pack and fewer items to unpack when you get where you are going. So, work through your home room to room and sort through your belongings with discernment. You may find a lot of duplicate items you never use or items you would like to pass on to your loved ones so they can enjoy them. A lot of seniors find a lot of items they have accumulated over the years can be donated or given away when they are facing a downsize. 

Work on tackling a few boxes a day 

Pre-planning and getting started early makes a lot of difference when you may not have the energy to spend all day everyday packing. It is easy to feel overwhelmed if you are trying to pack everything in a short amount of time. Instead, make a goal to pack a few boxes daily. If you have a month before your moving date, you can likely get the majority of your belongings packed by packing a few boxes at a time. 

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Storing an Extensive Doll Collection

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