Storing an Extensive Doll Collection

Storing an Extensive Doll Collection

4 Winter Items To Move To Your Storage Unit

by David Johnston

As winter wraps up and spring arrives, it is time to swap out items in your storage unit. It is time to take out all the gardening and outside toys that you need for spring and to put away your winter toys and decorations in your storage unit. Here are a few winter items you should move to your storage unit.

Holiday Decorations

Sure, you probably already took down your holiday decorations. After all, the major winter holidays have long passed. However, do you still have the decorations sitting in boxes taking up room in your garage or your utility room?

You don't need to keep all your holiday decorations inside your home until next winter. Open up some room in your home by moving your holiday decorations to your storage unit. This will help reduce how crowded your garage is and give you more functional space to work with.

Snow Removal Equipment

If you have a snow shovel, you don't need to keep it out in your garden shed all summer, moving it around as you look for your other summer gardening equipment. If you have a snow shovel or a snow removal machine, put it in your storage unit.

Before you put snow equipment in your storage unit, spend a little time cleaning it off. Rinse equipment down with a hose to remove all dirt and salt before you put it in your storage shed.

Winter Toys

It is also time to put away your winter toys. If you have any sleds that you used this winter, clean them with some car wash soap, dry them off, and hang them up inside your storage unit. If you own skis or snowboards, give your equipment one more run with the wax, and then hang them up inside of your storage unit. Then take a bin and pack up your ski or snowboard clothing. Once again, make sure that you clean it first.

Winter Clothing

Finally, there is no point to keeping all your winter clothing in your closet until next winter. Wash it all, then fold it up and put it into plastic storage bins. Pack up your heavy winter jackets; keep your light jackets out for spring. Pack up your hats, scarves, and gloves. Box up any holiday-specific outfits or clothing. Be sure to label your winter clothing boxes so you can quickly and easily pull them out again next fall.

Don't keep all your winter gear around your house. Move your holiday decorations, snow removal equipment, winter toys, and winter clothing to your storage unit to open up extra space around your home.

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Storing an Extensive Doll Collection

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