Storing an Extensive Doll Collection

Storing an Extensive Doll Collection

How To Prepare A Grandfather Clock For Moving

by David Johnston

If you have to move a grandfather clock, you may be wondering how to get it ready. It is possible to move it yourself, but you have to be careful. Grandfather clock have delicate parts, and the wrong action could damage them. Here are tips to safely move you grandfather clock.

Prepare to Work

You will need:

  • work gloves
  • string (optional)
  • cardboard (optional)
  • postal tape
  • large blankets
  • foam
  • bubble wrap
  • marker
  • freezer bags (optional)
  • boxes

Don't be tempted to touch the clock with bare hand, in order to protect the skin from sharp metal or glass and to keep skin oil off the clock.

If the clock has brackets, unhook them from the wall to move the clock. Detach the hood, and keep the gut line the secure during the move with postal tape. 

Detach Weights and Shelves

Open the front glass door, and rotate the chain of the weights connected to the pendulum using the crank to the top, or use string to tie them together to change weight toward the seat board. The chains should reach slightly over the top of the trunk door when you are done winding. 

To prevent the chains from entangling with one another, tape the one to a piece of cardboard. Alternately, detach the chains, and store them in freezer bags.

Unhook the weights from the pulley. You may prefer to mark the weights to help you recall how they assemble later, such as "Left" or "Right". Enclose the weights in bubble wrap, and pack them in a box.

If the weights have cables attached to weights, wind several sheets of newspaper to a two-inch diameter. Place the rolls above the pulley, and wind one weight at a time until the paper roll jams to keep the cables from tangling.  

 Remove shelves that could get damaged during a move, and wrap them in bubble wrap. Label the shelves "FRAGILE".

Remove the Pendulum

Place a hand on the pendulum to prevent swinging, then remove it from the suspension spring. Detach the dial and movement from the case. 

Secure the dial, movement, and pendulum separately in bubble wrap. Label the box, set them together in a moving box; keeping the dial upright, and don't stack other boxes on top of them. 

Wrap the body of the clock in bubble wrap; but don't let the tap touch the surface. Enclose the clock body in a large blanket for further protection, place it in the box, and lay it in the moving truck, so it won't tip.

Use a dolly to transport the boxes to the moving truck. If you don't trust yourself to move the clock, or you need to move other heavy objects, contact a moving services company.


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Storing an Extensive Doll Collection

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