Storing an Extensive Doll Collection

Storing an Extensive Doll Collection

Moving Your Business: Make Sure You Do This First

by David Johnston

It is a big undertaking to move yourself, your employees, your equipment and your files to a new office building. However, some actions taken before the moving day can make it more manageable. The following things can be done in the days and weeks beforehand.

Clear Clutter

It can be hard to part with broken or outdated equipment or decor sitting around the building. You might plan to have repairs done or to use the decor at a later date, but don't make the mistake of bringing that stuff with you unless you have definite plans. Clearing out as much clutter as you can will mean that you don't have to rush around and do it all at once, but more importantly, lightens your load when you've got to pack up.

Use Plastic Storage Bins for Old Files

If you haven't yet backed up older files, you're going to have to find an efficient way of transporting them to your new office building. If your company is the same as many others, you likely have a file closet or a set of drawers that hold all your paper files. The best way to move them is to put them into plastic storage bins with lids. Cardboard boxes may seem cheaper, but heavy duty plastic is better at protecting against spills, wet floors and other damage. If you choose not to unpack the files when you get to your new building, they can be left in the storage bins without any concern about mildew and other problems. Discover more here

Hand Out Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Containers to Workers

Even if you give your employees a lot of time to get their personal items together, you may notice that many of them don't get started moving things right away. To give them a nudge in the right direction, it's a smart idea to give each of your employees a plastic storage bin that they can put their office things into. Ask them to take their own bin with them on the last day in the old office. That way, they can keep track of their own container and have it with them right away in the new place.

Ask About Changes

Your mind might be so focused on moving everything out of the building that you haven't thought much about the new building. Is the layout going to be similar? Is that a good idea? Talk some with your employees and managers about any changes that could make things run better in the new space. You may be able to make adjustments that make the space better.

When you take care of the details in this article before moving day, you will find that everything goes much better. For more advice, you may want to discuss the situation with industry peers who have moved their companies in the past.


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Storing an Extensive Doll Collection

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