Storing an Extensive Doll Collection

Storing an Extensive Doll Collection

3 Tips To Storing Highly Valuable Items In Your Storage Unit

by David Johnston

A storage unit can really help you organize the things you own and keep your home free of clutter. Although studies show that most storage unit renters store furniture in their unit, you are basically entitled to store just about anything that you want with the exception of several limitations. When storing expensive valuables in your storage unit, you should take extra precautions. The 3 tips mentioned in this article will protect you financially and keep your valuables safe and secure.  

Check to See Whether The Facility Imposes a Limit Value on Your Unit

Some storage units not only place a limitation on the type of items that can and cannot be stored in storage units, but they also place a limit on the total value of the items that can be kept in each unit as well. This limit is usually determined and enforced based on the amount of insurance coverage that the facility has taken out. If your unit exceeds the total value limit imposed, the storage facility might not cover any of your belongings should a theft occur.

Choose a Storage Unit that Is Secure Inside and Out

To reduce your risk of becoming a victim of theft, request a walk-through of the storage facility to determine whether it is secure inside and out. Look for storage facilities that offer individual access systems and locks for each unit. It's even better if the facility monitors each unit separately. You should also look for storage facilities that are well-lit, secure with fences and additional security systems and patrolled by security guards. Store your valuables inside a locked box or safe in your unit.

Purchase Additional Insurance Coverage In Case of Theft or Other Unfortunate Events

Depending on how expensive the valuables are, consider going out of you way to purchase additional insurance coverage separately from an insurance agent. If you are storing more than one valuable item in the unit, you can usually purchase a policy that covers all items in your unit instead. You might be required to provide an appraisal of the items you are insuring, along with its receipt or a photograph of its existence.


Most storage facilities are quite secure and you won't have to worry about theft. However, it never hurts to be safe just in case. If you're concerned, ask the manager at the storage facility whether there is anything additional that you can do to protect your valuables and yourself financially. Contact a company like South Town Storage to learn more.


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Storing an Extensive Doll Collection

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